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What Is Muay Thai ?

Muay Thai is a bare hand martial arts from ancient Thailand. A Muay Thai fighter  attack  the opponents  head, body, and legs, using fists, elbows, knees and shins. Basically, Muaythai has a form of stroke that is similar to western boxing type punches. Muay Thai at the present time is also popular with another name “Thai Boxing”.

Then What is Sabai Muay Thai?

In Sabai Muay Thai, we are develop a Muay Thai as a Fun Healthy Lifestyle, the place where the fight can be fun, and find make a friendship with the others. From the most prestigious place in Bandung & Jakarta, with an experienced trainer and comprehensive facility, we are come to bring a brand new concept of healthy lifestyle.

Come and Join With Us!


Jl.Braga No.99 Braga City Walk Building Lt.2

P. 022 92428447 | M. 0898 0956122 | BB Pin 26A6AC97


Jl.Tebet Timur Dalam No.37 Jakarta Selatan

P. 021 50290188 | M. 0888 08380889 | BB Pin 307EE8B9

Open Everyday!
11:00 am – 10:00 pm


    • Amie-Sutant-1

      Latihan di Sabai, menyenangkan dan menyehatkan!

      —Amie Sutant, female, 24years, Mc/Host & Presenter, Model Iklan

    • Latihan di Sabai Muay Thai fun banget! Banyak cowo-cowo cakep nya! :D

      —Arien Novarian, Female, 28 years, Reporter

    • 156943_1637344425842_1603681743_1470334_8232995_n

      Cool, Sabai Gokil, Pelatihnya berpengalaman, Anak2nya asyik, fasilitasny kumplit dan tempatnya nyaman bgt.

      —Merdy, Male, 25 year, Designer

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